Precision oval gear meter LM OG-I PVC

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Precision oval gear meter LM OG-I PVC
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Lưu Lượng Kế Kiểu Thể Tích

Large LCD display 
Only two moving parts to reduce maintenance costs 
Up to 7 years battery life 
Low battery signal 
Replaceable battery

The powder-coated universal meter with electronic register contains a microprocessor board powered by a lithium battery with an expected life of five years or more depending on use. It can be programmed to dispense in pints, quarts, liters or gallons and will totalize in liters or gallons.

A calibration factor and unit of measure are programmed during factory test. Unlike mechanic meters, these units can be electronically recalibrated in the field when necessary. A 5-digit liquid crystal display, accurate to the second decimal place, shows the exact amount of fluid dispensed.

OG LMOGI PVC Data sheet

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