Dosing Unit-Rotating Vane Flowmeter DOB

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Dosing Unit-Rotating Vane Flowmeter DOB
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Measuring range: 1-70 L/min water
Connection: G ¾, ¾ NPT
Material: brass
Max. pressure: 10 bar
Max. temperature: 80 °C
Accuracy: ± 1,5% of reading

The DOB high speed batching system has been specifi cally packaged as an installation-ready metering assembly suitable for the most common of liquid transfer applications through-out industry.Inferential brass fl owmeter with integral strainer and solenoid valve are supplied close coupled and wired to the integral batch controller ready for installation. Simply pipe in and con-nect power and the system is ready to use.

Preset values, Batch total and Accumulated total are dis-played on a large LCD display. Operation is prompted by scrolling text, smaller LCD text prompts annunciate the status of the batch controller at each phase of the batch process. 

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