Gear Wheel-Meter KZA

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Gear Wheel-Meter KZA
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Measuring range: 0,02-4 L/min ...1-200 L/min liquid
Connection: G ¼, G 1 female 
Material: aluminum
Max. pressure: 160 bar
Max. temperature: 120 °C
Linearity: ± 0,3 %...± 3 % of m. value
Viscosity range: max. 4000 mm²/s
Pulse output
Gear wheel flow meter model KZA for viscous liquids is a low cost flow meter. The movement system consists of a gear set, which is propelled by the flow. The instrument movement bearing is designed for the types KZA-1810 and KZA-1865, as radial and axial gliding bearing. The type KZA-1816 has a ball bearing. The pick-up is separated from the measuring chamber and it registrates contactlessly the gear resolution through the housing wall. Easy maintenance, small pressure loss, small weight and low noise level are the outstanding features of this flow meter.
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