Gear Wheel-Dosing Electronics DZR with ADI-Z

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Gear Wheel-Dosing Electronics DZR with ADI-Z
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Measuring range: 0,008-2 L/min ...3-700 L/min liquid
Connection: G 1/8...G 1 female 
Material: continuous cast, st. st.
Max. pressure: 400 bar
Max. temperature: 150 °C
Accuracy: ± 0,3% ... ±1 % of m. value
Viscosity range: max. 30.000 mm²/s
Relays, analogue output, batcher, digital display

Gear Wheel Flow Meter series DZR have been designed for a cost effective flow measurement for viscous fluids. The measuring unit consists of a pair of gear wheels which is moved by the flow according to the principle of gear wheel motor. The bearings are – according to the material combination – either ball bearings or gliding bearings. The dif-ferent versions vary through different housing materials, lubri-cation properties, through the medium being used and the accuracy.

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