Precision oval gear meter LM OG-I /-TI SS

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Precision oval gear meter LM OG-I /-TI SS
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Leakproof, magnetic drive
Large LCD Display
One decimal point precision
Push button calibration
Totalization in gallons or liters
Delivery in pints, quarts, liters or gallons
Only two parts to reduce maintenance costs
Accuracy to ±0.3%
Minimum three year battery life
Low battery indicator
Replaceable battery
Battery shelf life – 10 years
Humidity and moisure resistant register
Two year limited warranty
Not for use in Ex-zone

The electronic register module contains a microprocessor board powered by a lithium battery with an expected life of 3 to 5 years depending on use. 
It can be programmed to dispense in pints, quarts, liters, or gallons and will totalize in liters or gallons.
A calibration factor and unit of measure are programmed during factory test. Unlike mechanical meters, these units can be electronically recalibrated in the field when necessary. A 5-digit liquid crystal display, accurate to the second decimal place, shows the exact amount of fluid dispensed. 
The entire register module is protected from the wear and tear of normal shop use by a rugged, glass filled, shock resistant, nylon housing.



Does not require external power
Rugged, corrosion resistant stainless steel enclosure
Watertight, NEMA 4X housing
Compatible with most flow controllers and counters with scaling capabilities
Humidity and moisture resistant transmitter
Maximum operating pressure 100 bar
For use in Ex-zone 1 (with suitable drive)

The stainless steel meter with pulse transmitter, model LM OG-TI, is an economical, rugged yet accurate meter. 
The transmitter, mounted on the meter, can be wired to batch controllers, remote counters and other electronically operated instruments that can accept pulses from a reed switch, and
have scaling capabilities. The oval gear transmitter is contained in a glass filled plastic housing with a NEMA 4X rating.

OG LMOGI-TI-SS Data sheet
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