Turbine Wheel-Pointer Indicator DRB-..Z3

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Turbine Wheel-Pointer Indicator DRB-..Z3
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Measuring range: 5-30 L/min ...50-750 L/min water
Connection: G ½... G 3, ½ NPT...3 NPT 
Material: aluminum/bronze, st. st.
Max. pressure: 16 bar
Max. temperature: 80 °C
Accuracy: ± 3 % FS
Analogue output, pointer indicator

Flow meter model DRB is used for measuring and monitoring liquids. The device works according the well-known blade wheel prin-ciple. The four vane blade wheel is retained radially in a highquality sap-phire bearing. The sensor is supplied ready-to-install with pipe fi ttings or with weld-on sleeves.

The blade wheel is set in motion by the fl owing medium. Magnets are embedded hermetically sealed in the ends of the blade wheels. The magnets generate electrical pulses in a Hall-effect sensor mounted out-side the fl ow area. Various electron-ics units can be used to display and monitor the volumetric flow.