Turbine Wheel-Pointer Indicator TUR-2..Z3

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Turbine Wheel-Pointer Indicator TUR-2..Z3
  • Mã SP: BDLKB-TUR2-Z3
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Measuring range: 0,2-5 L/min ...2,5-100 m³/h water
Connection: flange DN 25..DN 100
Material: PVC, PVDF
Max. pressure: PN 10
Max. temperature: 60°C (PVC), 70 °C (PVDF)
Accuracy: ± 1 % FS
Pulse output, analogue output, 
Analogue output, pointer indicator

The unit comprises a thick-walled plastic pipe ; rotatable PVC flanges are secured at each end. Bearing cross bars, that ensure steady flow, are fitted in inlet and outlet. A turbine wheel with cast-in mild steel pieces at each end rotates smoothly depending on the flow rate.

The metal parts do not come into contact with the medium and are therefore protected against corrosion. The sapphirebearing busheSare fis ted in the bearing cross bars and

are adjustable.

The bearing axle m ade of chemically highly resistant tungsten-carbide is cast into the turbine wheel. The rotation is picked off by a top-mounted pulse generator without seals and mechanically non-interacting, and transferred to the evaluating electronics as impulses.

The evaluating electronics converts the pulse signal into a display, limit contacts, analogue output, or counts thequantity of liquid flow.