Turbine Gas Meter - TBZ

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Turbine Gas Meter - TBZ
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  • Lowcost and compact-size comparing with conventional gas meters
    Measuring all uray of ±1%FS (Full Scale) and ±3%RS (Reading Scale)
    Wide correspondence to maximum working pressure*
    Free installation position
    Built-in 2-systems pulse transmitter
    Various measurable gases
    Liquid crystal display wherewith many information can be confirmed
    Temperature/pressure compensation function (Selective)
    7 years of non-stop operation
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Model TBZ60 TBZ150 TBZ300
Flow-rate range (m3/h) 6-60 12.5-150 30-300
Max. working Pressure (kPa) 350 or 980 (3.5 or 9.9kgf/cm2)
Accuracy Flow measurement section ±1%FS and ±3%RS
Arithmetic display section ±2%RS max.for TBZ***-3.5
±3%RS max.for TBZ***-9.9
Display Integrated flow LCD 9 digits, Minimum reading 10 liters
Trip LCD 8 digits, Minimum reading 10 liters
Instantaneous LCD 4 digits, Minimum reading 0.1 m3/h
Temperature *1 LCD 3 digits, Minimum reading 0.1 °C
Pressure *2 LCD 3 digits, Minimum reading 1kPa
Temperature/pressure compensation *3 Built-in temperature and pressure sensors
Connection 1 1/2"B Flange
2"B Flange
3"B Flange
Applicable temperature range( °C ) -10 to +60
Installation position Horizontal, Vertical (Display section turns)
Measurable gases *4 Natural gas, LPG, Air, etc.
Battery Built-in lithium battery with a life of 7 years.(Approx.)
Output pulse 2-systems open collector output (Unit pulse, High density pulse)
Installallation Indoor/Outdoor (Dripproof structure) *4.5.
Material Body/Flange : Stainless steel
Display : Aluminum alloy
Weight (kg) 5.3 6.0 9.4
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