Miniature electronic 8-digit counter / rate indicator CUB 5

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Miniature electronic 8-digit counter / rate indicator CUB 5
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The CUB 5 provides two display functions in a single package. The unit can indicate the rate value and then be toggled manually or automatically to display the count value.

The CUB 5 offers large 0,46 inch (11,7 mm) high digits. The LCD display is available in positive image reflective (CUB 50000), negative image transmassive with yellow/green backlighting (CUB 50010), or negative image transmissive with red backlighting (CUB 50020).

The counter may be programmed for one of seven different count modes. The count and rate display have separate sealing and decimal point placement for read-outs in different engineering units.
Input A accepts a signal for the count and rate display. Input B accepts a signal for the count display or direction control. In the anti-coincidence mode, both inputs are monitored simultaneously, so that no counts are lost, and the final count can be chosen as the sum or difference of the two inputs. The programmable low (minimum) and high (maximum) update times provide optimal display response at any input frequency. There is a programmable user input that can be set for one of the various functions.

The unit is constructed of a light weight, high impact plastic case with a clear viewing window. The sealed front panel meets NEMA 4X / IP65 specifications for wash down and/or dusty environments, when properly installed.
The CUB 5 can be powered from an optional micro line / sonser power supply (MLPS0000) which can be attached directly to the rear of a CUB 5 and is powered from either a 115 or 230 VAC source.

AC CUB5 Data sheet

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