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  • Superior repeatability
    Low pressure drop
    Output of pulses proportional to flow-rate with the amplifier-built-in magnetic sensor which is strong against electrical noises
    Simple structure
    Free installation position
    Small and light weight
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Flow-rate range 1 L/min - 10 L/min
Accuracy Within ± 7 % (RS)
Measurable fluid City water *1
Maximum working pressure Up to 0.75 MPa (At fluid temprature of 20°C)
Pulse unit 1.12 mL/p
(There is possibility that piping condition of the equipment in which NDV10 is installed influences and varies this pulse unit.)
Pressure drop 27 kPa at 10 L/min
temperature range
Fluid: 0 - +40°C
Ambient: 0 - +40°C (35-85%RH,Dew condentation moust be avoided)
Connection Please refer to External Dimension
Power supply for the sensor 3 - 30 V DC (Vcc)
Transmitting wire connection Connecter-pin connection method
Output signal Voltage pulse

Duty ratio: 2/8 < A/B < 8/2
Note: Please utilize at electric load resistance not less than 10KΩ.
Weight Approx. 12g
Material of the main parts
Casing ---------- ABS resin containing glass fiver (Color: Milk white)
Vane wheel -- Polyacetal resin containing carbon fiver
Shaft ------------ SUS304
Magnet --------- Samarium cobalt magnet