Electromagnetic Water Meter - SY

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Electromagnetic Water Meter - SY
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  • Measurement feature Accurate measurement of small flowrate
    Measurement range 1:1000
    Measurable water City water, plant water, agricultural water *1
    Meter connection method Flange(JWWA standard) type
    Body material Cast stainless steel
    Flow path Cone structure
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Item Nominal diameter
50 75 100 150
Flow-rate range Max. flow-rate (2qp)(m3/h) 40 90 160 300
Standard flow-rate (qp)(m3/h) 20 45 80 150
Transitional flow-rate (qt)(m3/h) 4 9 16 30
Min. flow-rate (qmin)(m3/h) 0.6 1.35 2.4 4.5
Min. accurate flow-rate (qc)(m3/h) 0.04 0.09 0.16 0.3
Measurement starting flow-rate (qs)(m3/h) 0.01 0.0225 0.04 0.075
The meter does not measure a flowrate less than the measurement starting flowrate (qs). The qs to qmin flowrate range is not within the calibration tolerance.
Max. limit flow-rate (qL)(m3/h) 60 120 200 400
The 2qp to qL flowrate region is not within the calibration tolerance.
Pressure drop at max. flow-rate (MPa) 0.041 0.039 0.035 0.032
Working pressure (MPa) 0.75 (Approx. 7.5kgf/cm2)
Display Integrating flow (m3) 999999.9999 9999999.999
Instantaneous flow-rate (m3/h) 99.99 999.9
Meter weight (kg) 10 12 16 25
Display No-water warning mark  mark lights
Low-battery alarm mark  mark flickers
Measurement stop alarm mark  mark lights
Suitable working
temperature (°C)
0 to +30
Fluid conductivity rate (μs/cm) 50 or more
Power supply and battery life Lithium battery (Nominal 3.6V), battery life approx. 8 years (At average environmental temperature of 20°C)
Environmental temperature range (°C) -10 to +55 (The battery life is shortened at higher temperature.)
Waterproof structure JIS C0920 (Underwater use), continuous use at 1m water depth is possible
Piping method Flange (JWWA standard) type
Meter installation position Free (Horizontal, vertical and inclined installation are possible.)
SY-FN type No external output functions (Only field display)
SY-FC type Electronic statement signal for exclusive independent receiver (SR-4 type) Transmitter: MX35 type
SY-FM type Open drain unit pulse signal Transmitter: MX39 type
SY-FL type 8-bit electronic statement signal (The signal widely diffused in Japan for water and gas meters), open drain unit pulse signal Transmitter: MX38 type