Electromagnetic Flowmeter DMH

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Electromagnetic Flowmeter DMH
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Measuring range::0-0,42....0-2.710 m³/h liquid
Connection: flange DN 15...DN300
Material case lining: soft rubber, Ebonite, PTFE, PFA, PA1
Max. pressure: PN 40 bar
Accuracy:± 0,3 % of m. value ±0,01%xQmax.
Output: pulse-/analogue output, status display, totalizer, Hart

Flowmeter is used to measure and mo-nitor the volume fl ow rate of fl uids, pulps, pastes and other electrically conductive materials, without loss of pressure.

When an electrically conductive medium passes through a directional magnetic fi eld, a voltage is induced in accordance with Faraday’s Law of Induction.

The size of this measurement voltage is proportional to the mean rate of fl ow and consequently also to the volume fl ow rate.

A fl owmeter consists of a sensor that picks up the measuring signal generated from the induced voltage, and a transdu-cer that converts this signal into a standardised output signal (4-20 mA or pulses). The measurement transducer can be affi xed to the sensor or mounted separately.

Pressure, temperature, density and viscosity do not affect the volume measurement. Solid fractions and gas bubbles should be avoided.