Electromagnetic-Insertion PIT

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Electromagnetic-Insertion PIT
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 Measuring range: 1-10 m/s (0,5- 5 m/s st.st.-version) 
Weldable connection sleeves for DN 150..2000
Material: st. st. (1.4571,1.4404)
PTFE or PFA- tube lining up to DN 600
Max. pressure: 16 bar, 40 bar (PTFE, PFA-lining)
-40..100°C, -20..80°C (PVDF) , -40...+150 °C (PFA)
Accuracy: ± 1,5 % of m. value plus ± 0,,5 % FS
Transmitter: relays, analogue/pulse output, digital display,
Hart, Profibus, ATEX, NEPSI 

An  electrically  conductive  medium  induces  a  voltage  while flowing through an arranged magnetic field in accordance to the  Faraday's  induction  law.  The  electrode  currency  is  pro -portional to the flow velocity and therewith to the volume flow.

The  PIT-Sensor  is  available  with  integral  or  remote  mount transmitter. A retracting device for mounting and dismounting under process conditions is available.

The  magnetic-inductive  PIT  flow  velocity  sensor  is  used to measure  or  monitor  the  volume  flow  of  liquids,  slurries, pastes and other electrically conductive media while minimiz -ing pressure drop.

Pressure, temperature, density and viscosity do not affect the volume measurements. Portions of solid particles and small gas pockets should be avoided.