Transmitter 340 BTU

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Transmitter 340 BTU
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The series 340 BTU transmitter is an economical, compact device for submetering applications.

The 340 calculates thermal energy by measuring liquid flow in a closed pipe system and measuring temperature at the inlet and outlet points. The 340 requires two 10 kΩ thermistors for temperature input. The flow input may be provided by a sensor and many other pulse or sine wave signal flow sensors. The onboard microcontroller and digital circuitry make precise measurements and produce accurate drift free outputs.

The 340 is programmed using the Windows® based software and a A301 programming cable. Calibration information for the flow sensor, units of measurement and output scaling may be downloaded prior to installation or in the field. While the unit is connected to a PC or laptop computer, real-time flow rate, flow total, both temperature readings, energy rate and energy total are available.

IMP_340_Data sheet.pdf

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