Flow sensor 228

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Flow sensor 228
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The series 228 flow sensors feature a six bladed impeller design with a proprietary non-magnetic sensing mechanism. The forward swept impeller shape provides higher, more consistent torque than four bladed impeller designs and is less prone to be fouled by water borne debris. The forward curved shape coupled with the absence of magnetic drag provides improved operation and repeatability even at lower flow rates. This is especially true where the impeller is exposed to metallic or rust particles found in steel or iron pipes.

As the liquid flow turns the impeller, a low impedance square wave signal is transmitted with a frequency proportional to the flow rate. The signal can travel up to 600 m between the flow sensor and the display unit without the need for amplification.

All sensors except irrigation versions are supplied with 6 m of 2-conductor 20 AWG shielded U.L. type PTLC 105°C cable.

The tee mounted flow sensors consist of a standard 220 BR or 220 SS mounted in a 2"or 2.5" tee.

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