Paddle Torsion Meter/Switch DPT-..K

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Paddle Torsion Meter/Switch DPT-..K
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Measuring range: 5-30 L/min ... 850-1900 L/min water
Connection: G 3/8...G 3, 3/8 NPT...3 NPT, 
Material: aluminum/bronze, st. st.
Max. pressure: PN 40
Max. temperature: 80 °C
Accuracy: ± 3 % FS

The patented KOBOLD torsional paddle flow meter type DPT operates according to the diaphragm plate principle. For the first time a flat torsion spring simultaneously acts as a mount for the paddle and as an elastic force. The device thus operates with almost no wear. The paddle comprises a diaphragm plate and a lever  arm .

When the diaphragm plate is moved by the flow in the flow direction, the lever arm is deflected by the force of the leaf spring.

This angular motion is transferred non-contacting through the casing wall by a magnet to a Hall-effect sensor with no losses. Different measuring ranges and instrument sizes are realized with the geometry of the lever arm, the diameter and shape of the diaphragm plate as well as the height and thickness of the leaf spring. Calibration nozzles can also be press-fitted to adapt the measuring ranges. The signal from the Hall-effect sensor is displayed by different electronic means and serves to monitor the volume flow.