Flow sensor 4000 PVC

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Flow sensor 4000 PVC
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Lưu Lượng Kế Kiểu Cánh Cản

2“ up to 48“
Special models up to 120“
Large temperature range and pressure rates
Bidirectional measurements possible
Very good price/performance ratio

The series 4000 is available in ½”, ¾” and 1” pipe sizes and is molded of PVC or PVDF materials. The compact design allows the series 4000 to replace old style magnetic sensors with little or no piping changes.

The proprietary non-magnetic detection circuit is available with two outputs: A low impedance 3-wire 5 Volt DC square wave signal (that can be pulled up to 20 Volts) capable of travelling up to 600 m without amplification or a 2-wire loop powered 4–20 mA current analog signal. These two signal formats are compatible with most data acquisition or PLC equipment.
Digital displays, scalers, transmitters and control relays for use with series 4000 are also manufactured.

PVDF versions are compatible with all PVDF piping systems including SYGEF, KYNAR, SUPER PROLINE and SANITECH. Adapters are available for use with other plastic or metallic piping systems.

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