Đo Mô Men Xoắn TDT3-G (TOHNICHI)

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Đo Mô Men Xoắn TDT3-G (TOHNICHI)
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  • Đo Mô Men Xoắn TDT3-G (TOHNICHI)
    - Ideal for Testing Click and Dial Indicating Torque Screwdrivers & Small Torque Wrenches
    - Newly added judgment function, USB output, and increased resolution
    - Multiple units of measure selection by keypad
    - Loading devices keep tooling stable during testing proceedure for more accurate readings
    - Optional Accessories:
    - TDTLA3 Loading Bar for Testing Small Capacity Torque Wrenches
    - LTA Loading Fixture for Dial Indicating Torque Screwdriver
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Đo Mô Men Xoắn TDT3-G (TOHNICHI)

Model TDT2-G:  Multiple Unit of Measure Models

Accuracy ±1%+1Digit
Model Torque Range Square Drive Dimensions [mm] Weight Approx. Standard Accessories
cN•m kgf•cm ozf•in lbf•in
Min.- Max. 1 digit Min.- Max. 1 digit Min.- Max. 1 digit Min.- Max. 1 digit mm Overall Length Width Height kg


2-60 0.005 0.2-6 0.0005 3-80 0.005 0.2-5 0.0005 6.35 Hex (Male)
with a groove (0.7mm)
230 220 225 11

AC Adapter (BA-6)
Loading Device for Click Type Screwdrivers (STA)

TDT600CN3-G 20-600 0.05 2-60 0.005 30-800 0.05 2-50 0.005
  1. “-G” models feature 4 changeable units of measure through keypad set up
  2. Factory certificate of calibration is included and data is supplied in SI units only.
  3. NIST Traceable certificates are available upon request for an additional fee. For NIST certifications any one of the units of measure may be selected to be shown on the certificate.

Common Specification

DATA MEMORY 1000 data
STATISTICAL PROCESSING Sample size, max./min./mean values
DATA OUTPUT RS232C-compliant, USB (B type), serial communication
RESET Manual /Auto [settable in the range from 0.1 to 5.0 sec.]
Square Drive hex 6.35 (Male) minus 0.7mm (with groove)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE 0 ~ 40°C (without condensation)
POWER AC 100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz
STA Loading Device for Click Drivers (LTD/RTD) Standard Applicable Grip Diameter 7 to 50mm
LTA Loading Device for Indicating Drivers (FTD) Optional

Applicable Models

( ) is applicable for a part of the capacity range

STA Loader LTD/RTD 15, 30, 60CN (60), 120, 260, 500CN
NTD/RNTD 15, 30, 60CN (60), 120, 260, 500CN
AMLD (4), 8CN  
BMLD 15, 30CN  
LTA Loader (0ptional) FTD 50CN (50), 100, 200, 400CN
FTD2-S (5), 10, 20, 50CN (50), 100, 200, 400CN
STC 50CN (50), 200, 400CN

Optional Accessories:



Model Description
TDTLA3 Loader for Small Torque Wrenches
LTA Loader for Dial Indicating Torque Screwdrivers

External Battery Pack

Model Type Usage Time Weight Size Applicable Series Models
BP-100-3 Rechargeable Lithium-ion 7 hrs 225g W109mmXD73.6mmXH23mm DOTE3(-G), LC2(-G), TDT2/3(-G), TME2
  For using tester where electrical outlet is not available  


Part # Applicable Models
382 TDT3-G to EPP16M2
383 TDT3-G to PC (D-SUB 9 Pin Female)
385 TDT3-G to PC (USB B Type)
  Excel Receiver Software complimentary with purchase of Cable.  

Hex Adapters

Part# Description
480 1/4-5.5-8-12
481 1/4-6-10-13
482 1/4-7-11-14
483 1/4-16-19-22
484 1/4-17-21-24

TDT3 Loading Device Connecting Adpter for Previous Versions of TDT

Part # Description
485 Adapter for STA, TDTLA3, LTA to be used with TDT and TDT2-G