WM80 - 3" pulse meters

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WM80 - 3
  • Mã SP: AAKMN-WM8
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  • Compact size.
    Two independent pulse units.
    Flexibility of installation options (e.g. can be mounted horizontally or vertically; no flow conditioning required).
    Low pressure drop allows for economical pump selection or gravity flow applications.
    Meter construction enables fast and easy on-site servicing without removal from application.
    Meter design minimises the number of wearable and replaceable parts and extends product life.
    Meter accuracy is verified by a factory calibration check after which an individual metrology report is issued.
    Both LC Displays meets European CE directive for EMC.
    Standard/Deluxe Displays and Pulse Version have IP65/NEMA9 protection.
    Intrinsically safe LC Deluxe and Standard Displays. Certificate of conformity number PTB Nr. Ex-93.C.4033x & Kema O5ATEX1168X
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Model M80/WM80
Meter Type Pulse / Standard LC Display / Deluxe LC Display
Meter Body Material Aluminium / Stainless Steel / Bronze
Wetted Components:
Rotor Material
Aluminium / Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
NBR (Nitrile)
Flow Rate Ranges
(Litres Per Minute/US Gallons Per Minute)
Above 5 cPs
Below 5 cPs
20 To 733 / 5 To 194
66 To 700 / 17 To 185
Accuracy- Within (Of Reading) +/- 0.5%
Repeatability 0.03%
Maximum Viscosity (Of Standard Model) 1000 Centipoise ( > 1000 Hi Vis Rotors Available)
Maximum Operating Pressure 1200kpa/175psi/12bar
Pulser Type Hall Effect or Reed Switch 
or Combination HE / RS
Pulses Per Litre/Us Gallon 2.59 / 9.8
Max. Operating Temperature AL 80°C / 176°F St St 120°C / 248°F
Recommended Mesh Strainer Size 40 Mesh

Port Size

To order flowmeter you must replace ‘X’ with the relevant number. This number will determine the following specifications:

Port Size: Calibrated and
Display In:
Conduit Connection:
1 = 3” BSP (F) Ports Litres 20mm (F)
2 = 3” NPT (F) Ports US Gallons ½” NPT (F)
3 = 3” ANSI 150lb Flange Litres 20mm (F)
4 = 3” ANSI 150lb Flange US Gallons ½” NPT (F)
5 = 80mm DIN 16 Flange Litres 20mm(F)
13 = 80mm JIS 10K Flange Litres 20mm(F)

PPS = Polyphenylene Sulfide Resins

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