WM100 - 4" pulse meters

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WM100 - 4
  • Mã SP: AAKMN-WM7
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  • Easy to read and operate, resettable LC display options available
    Flexibility of installation options (eg: can be mounted horizontally or vertically - no flow conditioning required
    Low pressure drop allows for economical pump selection or gravity flow applications
    Meter construction enables fast and easy on-site servicing without removal from application
    Meter accuracy is verified by a factory calibration check after which an individual metrology report is issued
    Meter design minimises the number of wearable and replaceable parts and extends product life
    Available with 4’ ANSI 150lb, JIS10K and DIN 16 flanges (modular construction) or 3’ screwed BSP (F) or NPT (F)
    LCD optional displays meet European CE directive
    Standard/deluxe displays/MR100 and pulse version have IP65/NEMA9 protection
    Intrinsically safe LC display options available.
    12 month warranty
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Model M100/WM100
Meter Type Pulse / Standard LC Display / Deluxe LC Display
Meter Body Material Aluminium / Stainless Steel / Bronze
Wetted Components:
Rotor Material
Aluminium / Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
NBR (Nitrile)
Flow Rate Ranges
(Litres Per Minute/US Gallons Per Minute)
Above 5 cPs
Below 5 cPs
120 To 1200 / 32 - 317
200 To 1200 / 53 - 317
Accuracy- Within (Of Reading) +/- 0.5%
Repeatability 0.03%
Maximum Viscosity (Of Standard Model) 1000cPs ( > 1000 cPs Hi Vis Rotors Available)
Maximum Operating Pressure 1200kpa/175psi/12bar
Pulser Type Hall Effect or Reed Switch 
or Combination HE / RS
Pulses Per Litre/Us Gallon 2.32 / 8.782
Max. Operating Temperature AL 80°C/176°F St St 120°C / 248°F
Recommended Mesh Strainer Size 40

Port Size

To order flowmeter you must replace ‘X’ with the relevant number. This number will determine the following specifications:

Port Size: Calibrated and
Display In:
Conduit Connection:
3 = 4” ANSI 150lb Flange Litres 20mm (F)
4 = 4” ANSI 150lb Flange US Gallons ½” NPT (F)
5 = 100mm DIN 16 Flange Litres 20mm (F)
13 = 100mm JIS 10K Flange Litres 20mm(F)
14 = 3” ANSI 150LB Flange Litres 20mm(F)
15 = 3” ANSI 150LB Flange US Gallons ½” NPT (F)
16 = 3’ BSP (F) Port Litres 20mm(F)
17 = 3” NPT (F) Port US Gallons ½” NPT (F)

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