Vicositiy Compensated Flowmeter/-switch-All Metal VKM

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Vicositiy Compensated Flowmeter/-switch-All Metal VKM
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Measuring -/switching range:0,01- 0,07 L/min..8 - 80 
Connection: G ¼...G 1, ¼...1 NPT female
Material: brass, st. st.
Max. pressure: 250 (brass); 350 bar (st. st.)
Max. temperature: 100 °C
Accuracy: ± 4% FS
Options: reed contact, pointer indicator
Flow meters and switches model VKM have a spring-loaded float, which slides within a cylindrical measuring tube and has an integral orifice which is believed to be unique. This and other design features means that it has for the first time become possible to create a flow meter and switch which fully compensates for viscosity and to a large extent for density even with very low flows. The float of these patented devices contains a permanent magnet which actuates a potential free bistable reed contact mounted outside the flow thus ensuring her-metic separation between the medium and the electrical contact system. The contact is embedded within a height-adjustable plastic housing to prevent damage to the contacts by mechanical action or aggressive atmospheres. As the medium enters the instrument the float rises. Once its magnetic field reaches the contact tips of the reed switch the contact closes. As the flow increases the float rises further until it reaches its stop. This prevents the float from going beyond the contact range of the magnetic operating tube, that is, the contact remains closed thus ensuring bistable switching.
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