Displacer Flowmeter/-switch-All Metall-Mounting Position Independent BGF

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Displacer Flowmeter/-switch-All Metall-Mounting Position Independent BGF
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Measuring -/switching range: 
10 - 100 ... 4.000 - 40.000 L/h water
0,3 - 3,0 ...110 -1100 Nm³ /h air; 
Connection: flange DN 15 ... DN 100, ANSI 3/4 ...4 
Material: st. st. 1.4404, option PTFE-lining
Max. pressure: PN 40 (16) bar, on request max PN 600 bar
Max. temperature: -40...+200 °C (-40...+350°C on request)
Accuracy : ± 2 % of meas. value
Options: contacts, analogue output, totalizer, 
Hart, Profibus PA, ATEX

Inside the flow tube, there is a star guided float which works towards a spring. An annular gap is produced between the cone-shaped magnet system and the meter ring in case of flows other than zero. The position of the magnet system de-pends on the resulting force of all forces acting upon it. These forces comprise the flow force, a spring force acting opposite to the flow force, and the buoyancy and weight force signifi-cant for the measurements in case of vertical installation. Each position of the magnet holder corresponds to a flow value measured during calibration, which is transferred to a scale.

The BGF flow meter consists of a meter tube with connecti-ons, a meter ring, and a conical magnet holder. By means of a magnet, the position of the magnet system is transferred to an encapsulated follow magnet, which has been fitted to a pointer axle. The position of a second annular follow magnet fitted on the pointer axle is transferred to the scale by means of the pointer.

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