SteelMass® 640S Air Flow Meter

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SteelMass® 640S Air Flow Meter
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  • Accurate and repeatable, this product is a rugged and reliable mass flow measurement workhorse in heavy industrial applications. Product accuracy is ± 1% of reading +0.5% full scale, and the flow range is up to 20,000 sfpm (air) with standard accuracy. It inserts easily into ducts and pipes to monitor total gas mass flow rate and is optimized for greenhouse gas measurement.
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316SS construction
• Range of process connections (including hot tap)
• Field Validation/Configuration
• +/- 1% of reading plus +/-0.5% of full scale
• Very large installed base
• Removable probe for recalibration and service
• Meters all process gases
• 3/4” diameter insertion probe
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