Mass-Flowmeter/Controller-Thermal DMW-C/D

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Mass-Flowmeter/Controller-Thermal DMW-C/D
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Measuring range: 0,005-0,1...50-1000 NL/min air
Connection: pipe connection G ¼...G½
Material: aluminum, st. st.
Max. pressure: 10 bar
Max. temperature: 50 °C
Accuracy: ± 3 % FS
Analogue output, option: LC display, totalizer

The new model DMW-... direct mass flow meter has been specially designed for use in gas measuring technology. An inexpensive analogue output is fitted. The model DMW is available in three versions: with or with-out integrated 3 ½ -digit LCD display or with a 8-digit counte r. The di rect st ream p rocedu re is ideally suited for measu re-ments from 5 L N /min (max.) up to 7500 L N/min air (model:DMW-B*876). In case of small flow rates the measurements are taken with a bypass-system (DMW-A/C).

In contrast with most volumetric flow meters the mass flowmeter DMW-... has no moving parts, and no temperature orpressure correction is required.The meter may be installed in any position and the pressureloss is negligible. The simple mechanical construction ensu-res the highest degree of reliability when used with aggressi-ve gases, and under tough industrial service conditions.