Paddle Switch PSR

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Paddle Switch PSR
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  • Switch Point Adjustable
    Easy to Install
    Brass or SS Construction
    Low Cost
    Maximum Pressure: 1450/3600 PSI
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Switching range: 2,3-4,7 L/min...47,6-67,2 L/min water
Connection: G ¼... G 1 ½, ¼...1 ½ NPT
Material: brass, st. st.
Max. pressure: 100 bar 
Max. temperature: 110 °C
Reed contact
KOBOLD paddle type flow switches can be used wherever a simple economic yet reliable monitoring instrument is required for flow switching applications. The device operates as follows: The flowing medium presses against the paddle of the KOBOLD flow switch. The paddle is fitted to one end of a balance arm which is in direct contact with a pre-stressed leaf spring. At the other end of the balance arm is a permanent magnet. This magnet actuates a reed contact located within a moveable housing outside the media. The reed contact switches on or off depending on the position of the permanent magnet and the switch housing. The status of the switch may then be used to electrically control the fluid flow. The movable reed switch on the Kobold PSR/PS allows the contacts to be set either normally open (N/O) or normally closed (N/C).
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