Calorimetric Indicator/Switch KAL-L

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Calorimetric Indicator/Switch KAL-L
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Measuring range: 1 m/s - 20 m/s air
Connection: smooth shank (D = 15 mm); G ½, Rp 1/2 , 
½ NPT, sliding flange DIN 43743 
Material: brass nickle plated
Max. pressure: 8 bar
Max. temperature: 120 °C
Switching accuracy: +/-10% of meas. value.
The model KAL-L... electronic flow switch monitors air and gas flow. It is suited for securely monitoring flows with minimum pressure loss. Function The operation of the electronic flow monitor KAL-L... is based on the proven calorimetric principle. A sensor is heated to a few degrees above the temperature of the flow medium. When the medium flows, the heat generated in the sensor is transferred to the medium, ie, the sensor is cooled. This cooling process is a measure of the flow velocity. A second sensor measures the medium temperature. The electronics compares the resistances of both sensors by means of a Wheatstone bridge circuit, and switches an output relay if the actual value drops below the set switching value.
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