Paddle Switch-Polysulfone PPS

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Paddle Switch-Polysulfone PPS
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 Switching range: 36...108 L/min water (rising) 
18...72 L/min water (falling)
Connection: G 1, 1 NPT for DN 32 ...DN 80
Material: polysulfone
Max. pressure: 10 bar 
Max. temperature: 105 °C
Adjustable accuracy: ± 20 % FS 
The flow monitor PPS is a flow monitor for nominal pipe sizes greater than NW 32. Fluid flow (regardless of direction) deflects the paddle and over an eccentric moves a magnet holder fitted to a permanent magnet. The magnet actuates non-contacting a dryreed switch embedded in the switching tube. The paddle switch is available with N/O, N/C or changeover contact. The inlet and outlet pipe section should be approximately three times the nominal size of the piping. The flow monitor can be fitted in a standard T piece or reducing pipe. Ideally the flow monitor should be fitted in horizontal piping.
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