Vortex Flowmeter DVH

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Vortex Flowmeter DVH
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Measuring range: liquids 0,2 - 5 ...32 - 970 m³/h 
air 3-28 ...549-9034 Nm³/h (20°C, 0 bar rel)
vapour 3-18... 500 - 5797 kg/h (0 bar rel,)
Connection: flange DN 15... DN 200, wafer
Material: st. st., Hastelloy
Max. pressure: PN 16, 40, 100
Max. temperature: 260 °C (400 °C)
Accuracy: liquids ±0,7% of m. value
gas/vapour ±1 % of m. value
1 (3)analogue outputs, 1(3) contacts, digital display
Option: temperature-/pressure sensor

Vortex Flowmeter DVH utilizes three primary sensing elements:  a vortex shedding velocity sensor , a RTD temperature sensor  and  a solid-state pressure transducer  to measure the mass fl ow rate of gases, liquids and steam.

Systems that use external process measurements may not provide adequate compensation for the fact that process conditions can change radically between the point of velocity measurement and the point where upstream or downstream pressure and temperature measurements are being made

.Because the DVH multivariable fl ow meter measures all of these parameters in  a single location, it delivers a more ac-curate process measurement.

Integrating multivariable output capability with a single line penetration also simplifi es system complexity and helps reduce initial equipment cost, installation cost and mainte-nance costs.

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