Rotating Vane-Digital Display DRG with ADI

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Rotating Vane-Digital Display DRG with ADI
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Measuring range: 0,5-12 L/min ...10-140 L/min water
Connection: G 1/8... G 1, 1/8 NPT.. 1 NPT 
Material: aluminum-bronze, st. st., Polypropylen
Max. pressure: 40 bar
Max. temperature: 80 °C
Accuracy: ± 3 % FS
Pulse output, analogue output, 
Contacts, digital indicator

Rotating vane flow meters series DRG are used for measuring and monitoring low viscous liquids. Series DRG flow meters are working according the well-known rotating vane principle. A magnet fitted in the vane and hermetically sealed from the medium transfers non-con-tacting the rotary motion to a Hall-effect sensor mounted in the housing. The sensor converts the rotary motion which is proportional to the flow to a frequency signal. A series-con-nected electronics unit converts the signal to an analogue output, limit contacts or display.

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