HP Heat Exchanger

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HP Heat Exchanger
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  • The Exothermics Mini Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger is the answer to heat recovery needs in systems with low air volumes. Designed specifically for systems with ACFM volumes of 300 to 5500 and temperatures up to 1200°F (649° C) , the Mini Heat Exchanger provides optimum heat recovery.

    The removable access cover on the exhaust airstream makes it possible to clean the unit and maintain peak effectiveness.

    The Exothermics Mini Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger is a fully welded assembly that provides structural and airstream integrity. This is accomplished with features such as a continuously welded primary seal that separates the two airstreams and fully welded end seals.

    The Mini Heat Exchanger provides efficient heat recovery on multiple applications.
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Description: Plate type, counter flow design
Model Types: Stainless steel
Max. Operating Temp.: 1200°F / 650°C
Volume Range: 300 to 5,500 (ACFM) / 510 to 9,345 (Am3/hr)
  • Ideal for systems with low air volumes.
  • All welded stainless steel construction.
  • Temperatures up to 1200°F.
  • Removable exhaust access cover.
  • 21/2" formed stainless steel flanges.
  • Wide (3/8") plate spacing.