Differential Pressure Transmitter PAD

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Differential Pressure Transmitter PAD
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Measuring range: 0,75-15 mbar...4,137-413,7 bar
Connection: ¼ NPT, ½ NPT
Housing Material: st. st., Hastelloy-C, Monel, Tantalum,
Max. temperature: 120 °C
Accuracy: ±0,075% of meas. Range
Analogue output, HART, ATEX
Option: frequency output/totalizer for flow measurment

Pressure model PAS is a micro processor based high performance transmitter, which has a flexible pressure calibration and output signal. It has an automatic compensation of ambient temperature and process variables. Communication with the instrument and a configuration of various parameters is possible via HART protocol. All data of sensor is to be input, modified and stored in an EEPROM

As an option the KOBOLD Pressure Transmitter is also available as a flow meter.This model flow meter PAD-F has added the totalizing function in the PAD transmitter. So it is available to check the total and flow rate. It measures the flow rate by using the differential pressure without compensation of temperature and static pressure.

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