Gas expansion thermometer FN3

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Gas expansion thermometer FN3
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  • These thermometers are suitable for use outdoors and in aggressive environments. Gas expansion thermometers with clip-on bulb offer some benefits to the user: no change in pipeline cross-section, the line thus remains piggable and retrofitting; can be carried out without interfering with the process; simple mounting.
    If the exact orientation of the indication is not known before mounting, we recommend using the positionable version. With this version the case may be re-positioned once by ± 180° with respect to the pipeline. Further information on mounting these devices and measuring errors is to be found in the operating instructions BTA-017.
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  • Case, measuring system and clip-on bulb of stainless steel
  • Simple mounting without thermowell
  • Accuracy class 1 per EN 13190 when insulated in the plant
  • Micro adjustment pointer for indication correction
  • Design
    - bulb fixed welded
    - indicating unit positioning by rotating the bulb
    - with capillary (indicating unit independent of measuring point)
  • Case with liquid filling
  • Calibration certificate per DIN EN 10204
  • Type series


Application area

● Chemical and petrochemical industry
● Machinery construction
● General process technology

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