rapidflo™ hand operated

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rapidflo™  hand operated
  • Mã SP: CP0MN-RHO
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  • pumps easily in both directions
    BSP inlet and outlet threads
    2.4 m (8 ft) anti-static rubber delivery hose and nozzle
    1.06 m (3.5 ft) three-piece threaded suction tube
    lockable handle and built-in nozzle holder
    built-in strainer
    50 mm (2”) bung adaptor
    GT-01-BD biodiesel version also available
    fully serviceable
    10 year warranty and parts guarantee
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  • compatible fluids: diesel, petrol, av gas*, kerosene, lubricating oils up to SAE 30 and biodiesel (GP-01-BD only)
  • wetted components: aluminium, steel, nitrile (except GP-01-BD) and viton rubber
  • output: approx. 0.8 L per rotation up to 100 L/min (26 US gal/min)