Venus LED Ring light

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Venus LED Ring light
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  • Made of premium black-anodized aluminium housing, VENUS ring light features highlighted LEDs,
    which can be dimmed with a brightness regulator on the light controller. Although VENUS ring light
    is not divided in segments, with its alternatively 40 or 80 highlighted LEDs, it creates a very
    bright and homogenous illumination of the object.
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LED color: temperature (°K) 4500°K or 9100 °K
Working Distance: 50 to 160 mm
Continuous Dimming: from 0 - 100%
Max Illuminance: 75 klx at 75 mm working distance
Number of LEDs: 40 or 80
Dimensions Ring Light: Outer diametre 114mm Inner diameter 66mm
adaptor rings available 66/60mm, 66/58mm
Height 30mm
Middle LED Life Time: > 50.000 h

Spotlight and Backlight:
The spotlight features 18 LEDs. It can be attached directly to the microscope stand or 
positioned as required with a flexible tube and base plate. 

The backlight is a transmitted light illuminator and can be positioned on the working 
surface of stereomicroscopes. It features long-life and bright LEDs and a compact design. 
With this illuminator it is possible to create an exceptionally uniform daylight-quality illumination.

With the twin port adapter, it is possible to use two units at the same time. One backlight 
and one spotlight; two spotlights; two backlights; one ring light (40LEDs) and one spotlight 
or one backlight.