Precision Series PX-7

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Precision  Series PX-7
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  • DAKOTA ULTRASONICS PX Series has arrived. The variety of features offered in the PX-7 and PX-7DL allow the user to select a quality tool that will meet or exceed their specific application needs. In the Echo-to-Echo Mode you have the ability to measure the thickness of materials without removing the paint or the coating. Our 5 year limited warranty indicates how we feel about the reliability and durability of the PX SERIES.
    The PX-7 is our basic precision gauge model. The PX series are packaged in an aluminum extruded body, with nickel plated aluminum end caps. The PX series gauges are typically used for thin material applications. This gauge has the ability to calibrate to a variety of different materials using a one point calibration option. Some of the features include: Scan feature (allowing the user to scan an area for the minimum thickness), alarm mode (audible & visual), differential mode (+/- from nominal thickness value), and RS232 port out.
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  • Weight: 10 ounces (with batteries).
  • Size: 2.5 W x 4.5 H x 1.24 D inches (63.5 W x 114.3 H x 31.5 D mm).
  • Operating Temperature: -20° to 120°F (-30° to 50°C).
  • Case: Extruded aluminum body with nickel-plated aluminum end caps. Sealed connectors and end caps.


  • Sealed membrane that is resistant to both water and petroleum products.
  • 9 tactile-feedback keys.


  • Single element with delay tip. 10 to 22 MHz frequency range.
  • Locking quick disconnect LEMO connector.
  • 4 foot cable.


  • Two 1.5V alkaline or 1.2V NiCad AA cells.
  • Typically operates for 150 hours with alkaline and 100 hours with NiCad.
  • Display flashes when battery is low. Unit turns off automatically when battery is too low to operate reliably.

  • Multi-function 4.5 digit liquid crystal display with 0.500 inch numerals, backlit for use in poor light conditions.
  • Backlight is selectable: on / off / auto (illuminates only when taking a measurement).
    Measurements displayed in inches, inches/microsecond, millimeters, and meters/second.
  • Bar graph indicates stability of reading.


  • Factory calibration traceable to national standards.
  • Automatic Data Logging System 1000 reading capacity, (10 files of 100 readings each file). OBST indicates no reading.
  • Complete with data acquisition software and cable.


  • Range: Measures from 0.0060 to 1.0000 inch (0.15 to 25.40 millimeters).
  • Switch to select English or Metric units.
  • Resolution: 0.0001 inch (0.001 millimeter)
  • Velocity Range: 0.0492 to .3937 in./µs. (1250 to 10,000 meters/second).


  • 5 years limited

  • Interface to Echo, Echo-to-Echo (through paint) and Auto-Switchable.
  • Four readings per second for single point measurements or 8 per second in Scan Mode-captures the minimum thickness.
  • Single point calibration.


  • Differential Mode: Enter acceptable thickness value, unit will display +/- the difference from the value entered.
  • Alarm Mode: Enter a minimum & maximum acceptable thickness value. If measurement falls outside Hi/Lo limits, red LED will illuminate and sounds beep-er. If measurement is between Hi/Lo limits, green LED will illuminate.
  • Data Output: RS-232 output sends data to a serial printer, a computer or other external storage device.