Lưu Lượng Kế Fixed Flange URK

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Lưu Lượng Kế Fixed Flange URK
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Lưu Lượng Kế

Measuring range:

1-10 L/h ... 15000-50000 L/h m³/h water

0,02-0,2 ... 50-500 Nm³/h air

Connection: flange DN 15...80, ANSI ½ ...3

Material: st. st.

Max. pressure: 20 bar

Max. temperature: 100 °C

Accuracy: ±2,5...4% f.s.

Option: contacts

Lưu Lượng Kế

The Kobold URK model flowmeter/monitor works on the ba- sis of the suspended float principle. It is used for measuring the flow rates in closed pipe line systems.

The medium flows from below through a glass measuring cone that gets wider on top. Thus, the float is raised and in- dicates the respective flow rate on the scale provided on the measuring cone. To monitor flow rate limits, the URK meters can be optionally furnished with “open collector“ proximity switches.

By its special design, this model is particularly suitable for applications where only very small operating pressures are available. Another advantage is offered by the very large sight glass which optically allows direct flow observation.

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