Innova-Flo® Model 240V In-line Vortex Flow Meter

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Innova-Flo® Model 240V In-line Vortex Flow Meter
  • Mã SP: BAISR-240V
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  • Sierra's Model 240V Innova-Flo provides a direct reading of volumetric flow for liquids, steam or constant density gases. Product accuracy is ± 1% of rate for liquids and 0.7% of rate for gases and steam over a 30:1 range.
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Volumetric flow monitoring of most gases, liquids and steam 
• Rangeable down to Reynold's number of 5000 
• In-line sizes from 1/4 " to 8"
• 1% rate accuracy (liquids) or 0.7% for gases over a 30:1 turndown 
• Fully field configurable
• Loop powered with 4-20ma output
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