High Inlet Temp (0.42-3 m3/min, 15-100 cfm)

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High Inlet Temp (0.42-3 m3/min, 15-100 cfm)
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  • Specially designed for high inlet temperatures
    Corrosion resistant heat exchangers
    Variable speed fan for stable dew point control and reduced power consumption
    Easy to use, advanced microprocessor
    Reliable solenoid operated drain valve
    Built in coalescing filter
    Environmentally friendly refrigerant
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Capacity Range: 15-100 cfm (0.42-3 m3/min)
Pressure Dew Point: 38°F to 50°F (3°C to 10°C)
ISO Class 4 to 6
Cooling Method: Air-cooled
Voltage: 115/1/60, 230/1/50
Maximum Pressure: 203 psig (14 barg)
Maximum Ambient (air cooled): 122°F (50°C)
Maximum Inlet Temperature: 200°F (90°C)
Refrigerant: R-134A