Ultrasonic-Digital Display DUK-..K

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Ultrasonic-Digital Display DUK-..K
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Measuring range: 0,08- 20 ...2,5-630 L/min liquid 
Connection: G G ½...G3 female 
Material: brass 
Max. pressure: 10 bar 
Max.temperature: 90 °C 
Accuracy:±1,5% F.S. 
Pulse output, analogue output, 
Contacts, digital indicator

Type DUK fl ow meters are used for the measurement, monitoring, metering and dosing of low vis-cosity fl uids.The devices work on the principle of the difference in running times. This is based on the fact that ultrasonic waves in a medium are infl uenced by the speed of fl ow.Two sensors mounted opposite one another in the pipeline function simultaneously as transmitter and receiver of ultra-sound signals.If there is no fl ow, then the running times of both signals are identical. If the medium is fl owing, then the running time of the signal against the fl ow is longer than that with the flow.

The running time difference, which is determined by a micro-processor, is proportional to the speed of flow.

The devices can be equipped with a switching output, a fre-quency output or an analogue output. In addition, a compact circuit can be selected that features a digital display, a switch-ing output and an analogue output.The device series is rounded off by an optionally available dosing and meter circuit. The meter circuit indicates the mo-mentary fl ow rate in the fi rst line of the display and the partial or total quantity in the second line. A dosing circuit controls simple fi lling tasks and similarly measures fl ow rates, total amounts and fi lling amounts. The analogue output and two relay outputs can be used for further processing of the sig-nals.

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