Mass Flowmeter Coriolis TM

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Mass Flowmeter Coriolis TM
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 Measuring range: 0,8 - 8 kg/h ... 4.000 -40.000 kg/h
Connection: flange DN 10 - DN 100;ANSI ½ -3 
JIS, NPT, special acc. customers specification
Material: st. st., Hastelloy, Monel, Tantalum, 
Nickel, special materials
Max. pressure: PN 40 bar (up to 900 bar on request)
Max. temperature: -90... +260 °C
Accuracy:(liquids) ± 0,1 (0,05) % of m. value ± zero point-stability
(gases) ± 0,15 % of m. value ± zero point-stability
Transmitter: Analog-, pulse output, digital display,
Hart, Profibus, ATEX,FM,FMC,NEPSI 

The TM Series Mass Flow Meter utilizes the Coriolis principle of operation to measure mass flow. Density and temperature  are  simultaneously  monitored  and  volumetric  flow  is  addi -tionally  calculated  with  these  parameters.  The  TM  Series  is available  with  a  direct  mounted  transmitter  or  in  a  remote mounted configuration.

 The TM Series can be used to meter nearly all liquid or gas -eous media. Available in a variety of end connections, the TM can be used in many applications. The TM Series is also used for precise dosing applications.

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