Cyclone separator for compressed air DF-C

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Cyclone separator for compressed air DF-C
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A cyclone separator has to remove the abrasive contamination, like solid and liquid particles and aerosols from the flow of air pressure. The emphasis is set here on the removal of water, which due to a condensation in the aftercooler at this point increasingly show as droplets or splashing water. Because of its low differential pressure and simultaneously lowered requirement of energy the cyclone separator offers substantial cost savings. In addition the higher filtration efficiency takes a positive effect on the subsequent compressed air adsorption and refrigeration dryers as well as on the filters. The DF-C cyclone separators are available in seven sizes, which match the current compressor capacities and the connection sizes of the Donaldson compressed air filters as well as the refrigeration and adsorption dryer product range. In addition, they are integrated in the current compressed air filter housing generation as the “Standard” (equipped with time-controlled condensate drains) or “Superplus”-Version (equipped with Ultramat UFM-D level-controlled condensate drain).
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