Flow Indicator w. Rotor and Self-cleaning mech. DAA

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Flow Indicator w. Rotor and Self-cleaning mech. DAA
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Indicating range: 0,4 - 4 L/min ... 8 - 100 L/min water
Connection: G ¼...G1 ½ female, ¼...1 ½ NPT
Material: brass, st. st.
Max. pressure: 16 bar
Max. temperature: 100 °C
Viscosity: 1 - 150 mm²/s
Most types of known flow indicators suffer problems of indicator visibility with use. These problems are the result of dirt build-up on the viewing windows of these devices. By installing the Kobold flow indicator DAA, these problems are avoided. With a twist of 180 °C of the sight glass, integral wipers clean the viewing area do allow unobstructed observation of the rotor. The offending contaminants are then simply washed away by the medium flow. The device is kept tight and rotatable by hand by the use of low friction O-rings.