BB20 Coating Thickness Meter

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BB20 Coating Thickness Meter
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  • These professional functions and features make the BB20 ideal for use in the auto­mo­tive sector where it can be used to inspect the bodywork of cars and check whether a car has been involved in an accident or a new coat of paint has been applied. It can also be used to check just about everything ranging from paint thickness on railings to the coats of paint on a boat or ship as well as other protective coatings.
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  • Dual sensor designed to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on all magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • Broad measuring range from 0 to 1,250 µm
  • Alarm function that alerts the user when predefined thickness thresholds have been exceeded
  • A variety of useful statistical functions like minimum, maximum or average coating thickness
  • Two-point calibration for high level of accuracy
  • Memory for up to 400 measuring values
  • USB interface for PC measuring data transfer
  • Can be used with one hand only
  • Backlit display
  • Auto power off
  • Excellent value for money

Technical DataBB20 Coating Thickness Meter
Article No. 3.510.205.075
Sensor Ferromagnetic surfaces non-ferrous metallic surfaces
Functioning principle Magnetic induction Eddy current
Guaranteed tolerance (±3 % + 1) µm of the measuring value (±3 % + 1.5) µm of the measuring value
Bending radius minimum (surface) 1.5 mm 3 mm
Smallest measuring area Ø 7 mm Ø 5 mm
Critical primary layer thickness 0.5 mm 0.3 mm
Measuring range 0 to 1.250 µm
Accuracy max. 0.1 µm
Functions Maximum value, minimum value, average value and standard deviation, alarm function, backlight, auto power off
Dimensions / Weight 110 x 54 x 24 mm / 100 g (incl. battery)

The BB20 has an innovative dual sensor which enables you to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings like paint and varnishes, synthetic coatings, zinc coatings, enamel or chrome as well as steel or iron and non-iron metals like aluminum, magnesium, titanium etc.

The measuring head is spring-mounted and has a practical V groove. This makes it easier to carry out measurements on rounded objects likes axes or hinges and prevents vibrations from distorting or affecting the measuring results.

The measuring device is extremely compact and can be used with one hand only. It has an impressive measuring range from 0 to 1,250 µm and guarantees precise measuring results with helpful statistical values and a practical alarm function which alerts the user when predefined thickness thresholds have been exceeded.

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