Cờ Lê Lực Tohnichi MT70N

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Cờ Lê Lực Tohnichi MT70N
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  • Cờ Lê Lực Tohnichi MT70N
    - Prelock Adjustable Specialty Torque Wrench
    - Converts Basic Hand Tools into Torque Wrenches
    - Unqiue Clamping Mechanism Holds Standard Wrench onto the Torque Wrench
    - Postion Tool to Proper Effective Length with Ruler
    - Ideal for Motorcycle Maintenance
    - Wider Max Torque Range Than Standard QL Models
    - Includes: Ruler, Hex Key for Adjusting Torque Set, and Carrying Case (Standard Wrench is not included)
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Co Le Luc Tohnichi MT70N

Accuracy ±5%
Model Torque Range Hand Force at Max Torque Range Weight approx.
Min.-Max. Graduation N kg
MT70N N.m
292 0.65
Metric and American models are available upon request.