Small Electromagnetic Flowsensor Model VN

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Small Electromagnetic Flowsensor Model VN
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  • Compact and excellent cost performance
    Outstanding reliability with no moving parts
    Suitable for use in machines
    Easy-to-check 2-color LED(status) indicator
    2 selectable outputs (Unitpulse,High-density pulse,Warning,Switch)
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Model VN 05 VN 10 VN 20
Flow-rate range 0.05 to 1L/min 0.5 to 10L/min 3 to 60L/min
Connection R1/4" R1/2" R1"
Accuracy Unit pulse (L/P) ±2.0% RS (100%~20% of tha maximum working flow-rate(Qmax)) 
±0.4% FS (20%~5% of the maximum working flow-rate(Qmax))
High-density pulse ±2.5% RS (100%~20% of the maximum working flow-rate(Qmax))
±0.5% FS (20%~5% of the maximum working flow-rate(Qmax))
Output 2 open collector outputs*2
  Unit pulse 0.001, 0.01, or 0.1 0.01, 0.1, or 1 0.1, 1, or 10
High density pulse Frequency of the upper limit of the accuracy guaranteed flow-rate
range can be set within the range of 20 to 400Hz. Setting step is 0.1Hz
Warning Outputted in case of excitation error, memory error, no-water detection, 
excessive fluid noise, reverse-flow detection, excessive flow-rate detection, 
and low power voltage detection
Switch Output of result of level judgment or window judgment
Fluid to be measured Liquid which does not corrode materials that contact the liquid,
Not less than electric conductivity rate 50μS/cm
Fluid-touching materials SUS316L, PPS resin, and Fluorine rubber
Fluid conductivity 50μS/cm and above
Fluid temperature 0 to 60°C (Freezing & Dew coudensation must be avoided)
Maximum working 1 MPa at 25°C
Enclosure IP64
Power supply 12-24 V DC 100mA
Installation position Free (Entering of air should be avoided)
Vertical piping or position that LED display becomes horizontal is recommended
Sensor weight (approx.) 200g 200g 300g